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Pulp Music is also in charge of discovering and boost emerging artists who might need guidance and structure to meet current standards in the music industry. Pulp Music has support through sessions, from composition, production, mixing and mastering, as well as support in image development and social media.

Alfonso Lugo

In addition to being a partner in Pulp Music, Alfonso Lugo is an artist passionate about audio. Through his music he invites us to enjoy life by dancing and vibrating under the same beat, reaching the hearts not only of the Hispanic public. Alfonso's music has shown us that music unites countries and hearts.

Angel Cintron

Angel Cintron began her artistic life singing and acting from the age of 8 and writing songs from the age of 12. Today Angel is able to play multiple instruments such as the violin, the ukulele, the guitar and the piano which she takes advantage of to seduce her followers with an alternative Pop/RnB style.

Jasmine Crowe

Pop artist, songwriter and producer Jasmine Crowe speaks to her audience about mental health and addiction with upbeat and catchy pop tunes. Jasmine is an expert multi-instrumentalist on piano, guitar and violin, and she puts her talents to work as a producer, incorporating all of her skills into every song she creates.

Cassy London

Cassy London grew up in Southern California and embodies a dynamic blend of razor-sharp strength and resonant grace. She also offers a distinctive melodic flair and euphoric tone. She blends her alternative rock with LA roots with multiple genres of modern pop, resulting in a sound that is uniquely her own.


LEX became the artistic persona of Alex from an early age, from the very moment he picked up his first electric guitar at the age of eleven when he started playing blues, rock, soul, funk, jazz.  He’s currently working and developing his own music career, working and touring between Spain and UK. He is recording his upcoming singles at Abbey Road Studios, London.

Sydney Franklin

R&B/Soul artist and singer-songwriter. Sydney released her first debut EP Make It Hurt in February 2018. The four-track EP has since amassed over 500,000 Spotify streams to date, and the title track, along with the Mac Ayres duet "Forever".

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Trevor Holmes

Trevor Holmes is a Singer/Songwriter started his career on YouTube and Vine before competing on American Idol in 2018. While he made it several rounds in the competition, Holmes was sent home just before the Top 24.

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