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Voice Over Demo Production

In Pulp Music, we want to help Voice Over talents to show their best work and get new projects and new clients on new markets by creating exceptional demos. That is why besides offering the complete demo production, we offer help in different areas that you might need regarding your demo. The production of a Voice Over professional demo involves processes, if you only need help with one or more services and not the whole demo, we can do it "a la carte.

  • Consulting- A one-hour zoom session where we will talk about what it means to have a professional demo, clarify the doubts of the process, what the agents require and we will also talk about the myths and the differences of the American market with the Latin American markets, Union vs Non Union jobs, among other things, such as the difference between a demo and a reel.

  • Planning and researchWho are you as a voice over? Why is specialization important in the US and Latino market? We will also perform an analysis of the competition, agencies, agents, regions, and rules in general.

  • Scripts- Once you have your personal brand clear, you need to represent it. We take care of making the custom scripts for your demo.

  • Recording- A recording that has enough quality for your demo to cause an impact.

  • DirectingWe will exploit our experience to get the best out of you so your demo really represents you. Disclaimer: We can take you out of your comfort zone, but you will see results that will take you to places you did not imagine.

  • EditingThe most boring part of the demo production, choosing the takes and giving it rhythm and versatility.

  • Musicalization and Sound FxIt explains itself, doesn't it? Choosing the best music and creating sound effects for your demo.

  • MixingAudio engineering at its finest... Compression, equalization, limiter, de-esser, etc.

  • MasteringEverything necessary for your demo to be heard with the best quality and stand out from the rest.


Cost per section $350.00 USD

If you are interested in us producing the entire demo from start to finish, the costs are:

  • Experienced voice over. Being an experienced voice over talent, the will make the process considerably easier because you already know how to be directed, and the “delivery” will be smooth and there won't be as many takes to choose from and the session won't be as long.
    Cost $2,500.00 USD

  • Beginner voice over. If you are starting and still want to make the investment with Pulp Music, consider that we can achieve it, but it will take more work to reach a good result and that increases the effort and the number of hours in the whole process.
    Cost $3,000.00 USD

*Prices can vary without prior notice.


Ale Markman - Comercial
Facu Reyes - Comercial
Alfonso Lugo - Comercial
Douglas Hernandez - Comercial
Mariela Baltodano - Comercial
Fernando Monroy - Comercial
Michael Rojas - Comercial
Natalia Rosminati - Comercial
Seba Vasco - Comercial
Valentina Latyna - Comercial
Fernando Monroy - Promo
Mariela Baltodano - Narration
Mariela Baltodano - E-Learning
Mariela Baltodano - ENG Comercial
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